Our basic purpose

Our main objective is to train professionals and researchers man for the design of the human environment and thus contribute to making the products with original and high quality of design of all sizes in Turkey. The high score of the students entering the department with the central system reveals that our department is preferred among the architecture departments of other universities. Successful and qualified students to choose our department increases the quality of education.

At the center of architectural education there are ”studio works Mimarlık. For this reason, g design / project courses ders are mainly used in our training program and other courses are designed to support the studio. Furthermore, in the field of technical knowledge, which is an important requirement in professional practice, our students are trained to have the necessary equipment. The aim of the training process is to establish the survey, construction site, office, measurement internship and vocational education-practice relationship. the students are trying to prevent them from breaking their professional practices.

Architecture is one of the most urgent requirements of humanity. The spatial arrangements that make people’s living environments always include the actions that are necessary and should be designed. The expression of the cultural continuity with the design, production, inspection and organization of the spaces where these actions take place from the smallest to the largest and the new contributions to these expressions constitute the basic areas of interest and knowledge of architecture.

It is an interdisciplinary field that extends to architecture, aesthetics, individual-society psychology, politics and history. Facilitate the action of people’s lives; It is a discipline that focuses on the production of spatial arrangements in order to sustain its activities such as sheltering, recreation, resting and working within a certain design quality. In other words, the main area of ​​interest of architecture is life itself.


Our department is involved in a field of science that contributes to the creation of practical necessities in practical life, such as the construction, organization, design and production of spatial inputs.


The Department of Architecture aims to contribute to making the design products of all sizes unique and high quality by training designers and researchers for the design of the built environment within all these main areas of interest.