Havva özdoğan

Architecture can be said to have started with an effort to meet the needs of the first people. But it is an action by nature, not by human.

On the other hand, the city, as a thinker says, is the most important find created by man. Urban and Civilization come from the same roots in Eastern and Western cultures; “Cité / civile / civilization” in the West, “medina / civilization / civilization” in the East. The city and civilization are identical.

Architecture is the direct and easiest perceived aspect of this phenomenon called Civilization or City; Therefore, architecture activity has the power to determine the level of civilization directly.

The importance of creating an atmosphere of competition in the education of our department, the creation of research-discussion-creation-with this awareness.

I have to say that we are an exciting and energetic Department, which is growing stronger with each passing year, with regional-national-international interests, in an effort to “overcome the level of contemporary civilization”.

We wish happiness and success to our academic and administrative staff.

Havva ÖZDOĞAN, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Eurasian University

Head of Department